It's tough being a prince.
His father is a ghost, his uncle is a murderer, his mom is incestous, his schoolmates are spying on him and his
girlfriend breaks up with him,
goes mad and drowns. And he kills some folks. Worse yet, no one invites him to any parties.
Is it any wonder why Hamlet is so grumpy?

Denmark was found to be the happiest country in 2012, but The Melancholy Dane never got the memo. Don't let poor Hamlet spend another
cold winter moping, cuddling mouldering skulls,
and spouting soliloquies by himself. All you need
to cheer him up is a printer,cardstock,
some scissors and tape!
"Cheer Up, Hamlet!"
is a paperdoll available for free, for nerds
and geeks and Shakespeare fans alike.
More outfits will be added as time and insanity allows. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email

The original version of Hamlet started as a drawing then became a cut paper collage, done as a giant playing card. While the piece spawned the idea of eventually doing a full set of Shakespearean
playing cards
, Hamlet's continuous glowering
and inability to move himself to action begat this paperdoll project. I just couldn't shake the idea that maybe a pink tutu would me him feel better.
At the very least, I felt better.
He will make you cry uncle.

If you fancy Hamlet in his original, surly, gothic form, prints of the Prince are available in my Zazzle Shop.

If you'd like to see Hamlet in "astounding 3D",
visit my new pinterest board.

Potential future costumes on the drawing board: Ophelia, Zoot Suit, Carmen Miranda, 20's bathing suit, Steampunk,
Firefly/Serenity Accessories, Cheerleader....
Friends of Hamlet- IBard Books

For more interactive Shakespeare, visit IBard Books and check out their E-book series. Romeo and Juliet is available in the Apple store. Hamlet and Macbeth is in production.

** New outfit for April! ** 4/23/13**

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